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written by Chris Cortier, Iron Egg Music (ASCAP) Copyright 2011


Low and unknown, says "John Doe" on my headstone.
Nobody knows my real name, and you're the only one that there is to blame.
I'm supine, locked, confined, this pine box so dark that I'm blind.
I've got to find a way to get out of this hole, and take back the life you stole.
You had your fun, and I had my funeral (I bet you think you won).
The time has come for comeuppance, so you better run.
A gun won't stop me now.
Cold, muscles froze, rigor mortis from my head to my toes.
Why haven't I turned into a ghost? I hope I don't just decompose.

Written by Chris Cortier, Copyright 2011.


from Edison Wax Cylinder Recordings EP, released July 22, 2011
Chris Cortier: Trombone, Vocals
Jason Benjamin: Trumpet, Background Vocals
Jeff Hudgins: Alto Saxophone, Background Vocals
Chris Johnson: Banjo, Background Vocals
Joe Exley: Tuba
Brian Adler: Drums


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