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written by Chris Cortier, Iron Egg Music (ASCAP) Copyright 2010


I'm on the lam, my only plan is to get away.
I swam and hopped a freight and stole a Chevrolet.
There ain't no way in hell they'll ever get me in that cell again.
I picked a lock and kicked a guard and jumped a fence.
I've been runnin' night and day ever since.
I hope I didn't leave any fingerprints in all the places I've been.
You know the FBI is right behind, it's probably in the news.
I bet my mugshot's underneath headlines that scream "Villain On The Loose!"
The sheriff should be fine I'm sure it's just a bruise.
I think I lost the bloodhounds back in Baton Rouge.
Excuse me ma'am I'm on the lam I ain't got time to lose.

These bloodshot eyes are nearly blind, I just need a little snooze.
Was that a gunshot? It sounded like a .45! I gotta get up and vamoose.
I think if I can get across Rio Grande, I'll run at least until I get to Suriname.
Those cops'll never stop that why I'm on the lam.

Written by Chris Cortier Copyright 2010


from Something More Sinister, released February 19, 2011
Chris Cortier: Trombone, Vocals, Siren, Whistle
Jason Benjamin: Trumpet
Janelle Reichman: Clarinet
Chris Johnson: Piano, Megaphone
Joe Exley: Tuba
Curt Garey: Drums


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