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Edison Wax Cylinder Recordings EP Volume 2

by Red Hook Ramblers

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Shaggy Maggot
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Shaggy Maggot Hot jazz (and technological irony) at 1908 prices. [Money was a lot less common then though and, with Britain still exploiting an Empire and rampant consumerism in it's infancy, the squid was worth considerably more sand dollars.] Favorite track: She's Got The Rhythm.


Volume 2 of our continuing Wax Cylinder Recordings saga. Four brand new original tunes recorded on June 2, 2012 at the Thomas Edison National History Park in West Orange, NJ, using a 1908 Edison Home Model D Phonograph and brown wax cylinders, the preferred recording medium of the 1890s. Individual tracks are available for $0.35, the original purchase price of a 1908 cylinder, or you can buy all four tunes for $0.99.

Those with a strong sense of technological irony can even download these songs at 24 bit, 96kHz resolution!


released June 21, 2012

Jason Benjamin: Trumpet, Vocals
Chris Cortier: Trombone, Vocals
Janelle Reichman: Clarinet, Vocals
Chris Johnson: Banjo, Vocals
Joe Exley: Tuba
Curt Garey: Drums
Engineered by Gerald Fabris, Curator of the Thomas Edison National History Park, on a 1908 Edison Phonograph.
Digital transfer by Gerald Fabris
Mixed & Mastered: Nope! Pure hot wax in yer ear!
Special Thanks to the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior


all rights reserved


Track Name: City Song
I’d kinda like to take a single day,
Really get away
From this city life.
I think it’s time I stop the daily grind,
Get some peace of mind,
I’m tired of the people everywhere,
And the city air,
And this crumby weather.
Let’s pack our bags and take a trip for two,
Only me and you,
Right now.
I’m not talkin’ 'bout
Coney Island.
That’s not good enough you see.
I’m goin’ where there’s nobody around,
And there’s just the sound
Of the cool water.
I’d say that it’s the best that I can do
if it’s only you
And I.
But when we get away,
I get lonesome
For those city sounds I know.
I long to hear my neighbors down the hall,
Voices through the wall,
And that subway chime.
So in the end it turns out that I long
For that city song

Written by Janelle Reichman Copyright 2012
Track Name: Never Go Back
Oh I went right back to my hometown,
And saw my baby there.
Dressed up in yella with some other fella.
A week I'm gone and now my stuff is on the street.
I'm gonna put myself on a train,
Gonna leave all these woes behind.
Gonna start a new life, find a good-lookin wife,
And never go back there again, no I won't do it,
I'll never go back there again.

Written by Chris Johnson Copyright 2012
Track Name: She's Got The Rhythm
Whenever she goes down the boulevard,
Each man she passes is hardly able to speak.
She's so unique 'cuz,
She's got the rhythm,
Don't know where it's from.
Hips hypnotize you like a pendulum.
I'd follow her for hours.
Gotta find a cold shower right now.
She's got the rhythm
That I can't explain.
It stops your heart and liquefies your brain.
I'd follow her for hours.
Gotta find a cold shower right now.

Written by Chris Cortier Copyright 2012
Track Name: She Must Be From Another World
The femme fatale of the flea market.
Like a High Priestess of Podunk.
A sorceress from old Nantucket.
She must be from another world.

Like Cleopatra at the café.
The wicked witch of West Cincinnati.
A demoness and what a beauty.
She must be from another world.

She’s gonna shake your little scene,
With a style and grace supreme.
Gothic poems freshly spun,
And a Pandora’s box of fun.

In the temple of her art,
In the mystery of her heart,
In a misty moonbeam sight,
She disappears into the night.

Written by Jason Benjamin Copyright 2012