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Edison Wax Cylinder Recordings EP

by Red Hook Ramblers



Four brand new original tunes recorded on July 8, 2011 at the Thomas Edison National History Park using a 1908 Edison Phonograph and brown wax cylinders, the preferred recording medium of the 1890s. Individual tracks are available for $0.35, the original purchase price of a 1908 cylinder, or you can buy all four tunes for $0.99.

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released July 22, 2011

Jason Benjamin: Trumpet, Vocals
Chris Cortier: Trombone, Vocals
Jeff Hudgins: Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
Chris Johnson: Banjo, Vocals
Joe Exley: Tuba
Brian Adler: Drums
Engineered by Gerald Fabris, Curator of the Thomas Edison National History Park, on a 1908 Edison Phonograph.
Digital transfer by Gerald Fabris
One tiny little edit by Chris Cortier
Mixed and Mastered by Nobody - raw wax cylinder sound y'all!!
Special Thanks to the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior


all rights reserved


Track Name: I Can See The Future
I can see the future, baby,
And I can see you there with me,
In my heart and in my spaceship,
On our way to Planet Z.

Well, in the future there's no more sorrow,
And in the future we'll share one mind.
Yes, everything will be so fine,
Loving in Dimension 9,
Come on, let's warp some time, baby!

Yeah I'm a man with a vision,
And you're such a sight to behold.
So dance with me on Saturn's rings,
I see a portal opening,
At the edge of the future's threshold.

Written by Jason Benjamin Copyright 2011.
Track Name: Rigor Mortis Blues
Low and unknown, says "John Doe" on my headstone.
Nobody knows my real name, and you're the only one that there is to blame.
I'm supine, locked, confined, this pine box so dark that I'm blind.
I've got to find a way to get out of this hole, and take back the life you stole.
You had your fun, and I had my funeral (I bet you think you won).
The time has come for comeuppance, so you better run.
A gun won't stop me now.
Cold, muscles froze, rigor mortis from my head to my toes.
Why haven't I turned into a ghost? I hope I don't just decompose.

Written by Chris Cortier, Copyright 2011.
Track Name: Pipe Resin Blues
Came home yesterday,
After slavin' for my pay,
Only to find that I'd been used.

I cannot believe,
That woman smoked up all my weed,
And now I've got pipe resin blues.

Ya coulda left somethin',
Butcha left nothin',
Now what am I to do?

I checked in my pockets,
Behind all the sockets,
And up in the chimney flue.

Up in the closet, my safety deposit,
Nothing was safe from you.

Why do I hide it,
If you're gonna find it, too.

No use to defend,
I know you'll just do it again,
And then we'll fight until we bleed.

I'm down on my knees,
Begging please, sweet baby, please,
Next time around, leave some for me.

Written by Chris Johnson Copyright 2011.
Track Name: Who? What? Where? Why? When?
Who and what and where and why and when?
Baby please just tell me where you've been.
I thought that you'd be home by dawn,
But you passed out on the neighbor's lawn.
Who and what and where and why and when?

Who and what and where and why and when?
I can't believe it's happening again.
I'll tell you why I have my doubts.
Your clothes are one inside-out.
Who and what and where and why and when?

Who and what and where and why and when?
They notified my as your next of kin.
The coroner thought you were dead.
You took enough to kill a thoroughbred.
Who and what and where and why and when?

Who and what and where and why and when?

Who and what and where and why and when?

Written by Chris Cortier Copyright 2011